Infographic on Postpartum Harm Thoughts

The PAR Lab is excited to share our infographic on Postpartum Harm Thoughts. Our team of experts (clinicians, researchers, and experienced parents) worked to ensure this infographic was as informative, engaging, and thoughtful as possible so we hope you find it helpful.

We developed this infographic to educate pregnant and postpartum people, their partners and families, and maternity care providers about unwanted, intrusive thoughts of infant-related harm experienced by so many new parents. We believe the information in the infographic can help make these kinds of thoughts less frightening to those who experience them and reduce the risk that they may develop into a mental health difficulty.

How can I learn more about postpartum harm thoughts?

You are welcome to view or download the Postpartum Harm Thoughts Infographic here. Feel free to share it with anyone you think might find it helpful.

Thank you for reading our infographic about postpartum harm thoughts. If you have any questions about the infographic, you are welcome to Contact Us.

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