Infographic on Anxiety in Pregnancy & the Postpartum

Learn about what anxiety in pregnancy & the postpartum is, why it happens, how it may feel, and what can be done!

We are excited to share our NEW infographic on Anxiety in Pregnancy & the Postpartum!

Our team of clinicians, researchers, parents with lived experience and students have been working to ensure this infographic is interesting, helpful and engaging!

We developed this resource to aid in the education of pregnant and postpartum people, their partners and families, and maternity care providers about anxiety during the perinatal period (pregnancy & the postpartum). This infographic provides an explanation of anxiety and fear, why we experience it, and how it may look in new or expectant parents.

We encourage you to share this with anyone who may benefit from learning about this!

Through the development of evidence-based, informative, and easy to understand educational resources like this, we ensure anyone experiencing anxiety during pregnancy and/or the postpartum period is able to access the care and resources that exist – and to learn that they are not alone!

Last updated: Sept 12, 2023

Thank you for reading our infographic about anxiety and pregancy in the postpartum. If you have any questions about the infographic, you are welcome to Contact Us.

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