Graduate Students

Ambar Abrar

Ambar Abrar is an IMG, with years of clinical practice and research experience. She is a graduate student at University of Victoria’s Social Dimensions of Health program under Dr. Nichole Fairbrother’s supervision. She has been associated with PAR lab since September 2016 and worked on New Mothers’ Thoughts of Harm, Childbirth Fear, and Modern and Open Relationship Experiences studies. Currently she is assisting with Clinical Trial A randomized controlled trial of internet-based CBT for ppOCD planning project.

Debra Torok

Debra is a master’s student in the Clinical Psychology Lifepsan Program at the University of Victoria. She is interested in studying how previous traumatic experiences influence couple adjustment and sexual functioning as they transition into parenthood.



Dr. Nichole Fairbrother

Dr. Fairbrother is an assistant professor at the UBC Department of Psychiatry (Island Medical Program), and Principle Investigator at the PAR Lab…

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Research Assistants

The PAR Lab recruits both undergraduate and postgraduate research assistants out of Vancouver and Victoria…


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